What does GIFT do?

3 min readApr 27, 2021


GIFT token aims to address a few of the major problems that users in the crypto world are encountering at the moment.

The Problem

Today, a large section of the population wants to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency and to get involved themselves. However, these ordinary members of the public are dissuaded by volatile markets, stories of scams, and fear of losing FIAT money.

These potential new users are often discouraged even further by how complicated it is to register on Binance and other exchanges, and because they believe that they lack the requisite trading knowledge to “make it” in crypto.

For those of us who are already involved in BSC or are holding crypto generally, it can often be difficult to introduce friends and family who are new to the ecosystem. Despite the huge increase in public interest in crypto markets, it remains incredibly complicated for new users to get set up and to learn about the fundamentals (e.g digital wallets, exchanges, etc.)

This is where GIFT comes in…

Our Solution

GIFT’s proposition is simple: make it easy to share tokens with your friends and family, while simultaneously introducing them to the crypto industry.

People have birthdays and special occasions every day, and in an ever-growing digital world, it’s becoming more and more common to send digital gifts. For anyone struggling to think of a present idea, or simply someone who’s known to their friends as “that crypto guy,” GIFT will become their go-to present choice.

How does it work?

GIFT token holders will be able to utilize our special Gifting protocol to send GIFT tokens on our website. This will be a simple process that allows token holders to send their friends and family GIFT tokens which are redeemable by email and stored in escrow contracts.

On the other end, GIFT recipients will receive user-friendly instructions explaining how to set up a crypto wallet (e.g Metamask) and claim their GIFT tokens. It only takes about two minutes to set up a digital wallet, which is a much easier process than getting set up and approved on an exchange like Binance.

Recipients will then be able to redeem their tokens within a couple of clicks, providing our system with their newly created wallet address. Recipient wallets shall then receive their GIFT as well as a small BNB gas top-up (enough for around 10 transactions).

“The Gift that keeps on giving”

As GIFT tokens will have frictionless yield, marketed with our motto: ‘The Gift that keeps on giving’, GIFT holders will actually accumulate more tokens by holding.

So let’s imagine you send $30 worth of GIFT to one of your parents, or your best friend who’s always asking you about crypto. After launch, that $30 worth of GIFT could be worth $40 or $50 within a few days or weeks — which means you’re giving someone a gift that potentially gains value, while also introducing them to crypto in a straightforward way.

As our post-launch campaign progresses, we aim to have over a million GIFT token holders, most of which will be consumer class holders who received tokens as a gift. At this stage we aim to partner with major retailers through our unique partnership programme. Additionally, the Gift platform will provide token holders with access to a host of specialized products and services, including custom NFT gift cards, a GIFT shop, designer NFT gifts and business employee GIFT rewards.

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