Welcome to GIFT

What is GIFT?

$GIFT is a brand-new bsc token that will revolutionize the gift and crypto industries. Using GIFT, you’ll be able to give family and friends a GIFT that gains value through our unique Gifting protocol.

How does GIFT work?

Let’s imagine you want to introduce a friend or family member to the crypto industry, or give them a present on a special occasion.

Using the custom GIFT protocol launching on our website, you’ll be able send them a personalized NFT including your own custom message and design. Not only do these NFTs last for life — but you will be able to add yield earning GIFT tokens to them!

And this is just one of GIFT’s main utilities — there are further developments (including partnerships) outlined in the roadmap on our website.

What are the tokenomics?

  • GIFT is here to stay, which is why 50% of all private presale tokens are vested for one month, and 90% of team tokens are vested over a 15 month period.
  • GIFT tokens will have friction-less yield. This means that token holders will earn GIFT passively directly to their wallets. This is achieved by a 2% redistribution tax on all GIFT transactions.
  • GIFT token supply will decrease over time. An initial 5% supply burn will slowly accumulate yield from the redistribution tax, reducing circulating supply and increasing scarcity.
  • GIFT has a huge marketing budget that 1% of each transaction will go into, so you can expect consistent high-quality marketing from launch. Once the project is self sufficient, this tax will be eliminated.

Max Supply: 100,000,000 GIFT

Initial Burn: 5%

Marketing Wallet: 1.383%

Unicrypt Presale Fee: 0.585%

Team/Future Marketing/Burns: 30% — 3% Live, 2% in a 1 month vesting contract, 5% in vesting contracts released every 3 months until 15 months.

Private Presale: 5% — 2.5% Live and 2.5% in a 1 month vesting contract

Public Presale: 32.5%

Liquidity: 25.532%

Circulating Supply on Listing: 64.117%

Burned Supply on Listing: 5%

What’s in store?

GIFT has dozens of updates in store, including the launch of its flagship custom NFT protocol in the near future. Here is just some of what’s planned in our roadmap:

- GIFT protocol release

- Platform Alpha Release

- High-Profile Partnerships

- Gift Shop Platform

- Retailer Integrations

And much, much more…

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The gift that keeps on giving

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The gift that keeps on giving

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