GIFT X SaveTheWorld

2 min readJun 11, 2021

The GIFT team is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Save The World ($Save) !

About SaveTheWorld

The SaveTheWorld Project has become one of the defining Charity Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. SaveTheWorld operates in defined Phases, each with a unique charitable cause at its focus. Phase 1 has seen SaveTheWorld concentrate all its efforts on aiding India in its battle against Covid-19 situation, as well as donating to a variety of other crucial causes.

SaveTheWorld and its holders have successfully donated nearly $2 million to charity since the token was established just a few weeks ago. You can learn more about their fantastic work on the SaveTheWorld website, and get the latest updates (including their June-July roadmap) on their Twitter page.

How GIFT will work with SaveTheWorld

At GIFT, we believe in giving to those who are in need. GIFT will support the charitable goals of SaveTheWorld, and work closely with the Save team to plan new charity campaigns and make the best charitable impact possible.

Through this unique partnership, $SAVE tokens will also be able to be sent to new users through the GIFT sending platform. This will allow people to give the gift of charity to their friends and family — each $Save gift sent will have a direct positive impact, and we anticipate this will have a hugely positive impact for all parties involved.

In the coming weeks, Save and GIFT will work closely on ecosystem integrations for both projects. More details will be provided on this very soon.

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