GIFT X CryptoCart ($CC)

3 min readJun 14, 2021

The GIFT team is proud to announce our strategic partnership with CryptoCart ($CC) !

About CryptoCart

CryptoCart is a decentralized and stateless e-commerce platform designed to provide consumers with a digital marketplace where users can spend cryptocurrencies on goods in an affordable way.

A major benefit for users is that they can spend most major cryptocurrencies on real-world goods offered by several major European and US retail partners, and have the goods shipped worldwide without having to go through a crypto-to-fiat disposal or being subjected to regulatory concerns.

One of the platform’s most exciting features is the CryptoCart GiftCard Store. The CryptoCart GiftCard Store will provide a catalogue of gift cards that can be purchased using crypto. CryptoCart will offer over 1000 unique gift vouchers, in over 170 countries worldwide including some leading businesses such as:, Apple, eBay, Uber, Google Play, AirBNB, Uber Eats, PlayStation Store, Xbox, Netflix and many, many more.

There will be no account necessary to purchase any e-gift cards from the CryptoCart Marketplace. The entire process takes just a few minutes and will include selecting the e-gift card, choosing the value, and checking out. Purchasing e-gift cards has never been easier!

You can find out more about the CryptoCart platform in their latest update article or on the CrypoCart Twitter page, as well as pricing information on the $CC CoinGecko listing.

How GIFT will work with CryptoCart

We are very excited to announce that as part of GIFT’s partnership with CrypoCart, users will be able to use their GIFT tokens as a payment method on the CryptoCart platform directly.

This means that new users who receive GIFT tokens from their friends and family will have the option to spend GIFT tokens on major retailer sites like Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, UberEats and many more.

What’s more, CryptoCart will also offer $GIFT unique NFT discount vouchers that can be used at checkout on the platform.

On the GIFT platform, the GIFT team will be onboarding $CC as a partnered token, which means that users will be able to send $CC gift cards through the Gift platform. This will enable users to send retail-orientated crypto tokens to their friends and family as a gift!

CryptoCart will also have access to the exclusive GIFT Partner Rewards platform (more details on this will be released in the coming weeks.)

CryptoCart is currently based on the Ethereum chain, and we are looking forward to welcoming them to Binance Smart Chain once their BEP-20 bridge has been finalised.

Both teams at CryptoCart and GIFT are working hard to launch their mainnet platforms, and the provisional timeline for both projects to be fully integrated is 6–8 weeks.

Retailer integration has been a core item for Q3 on the GIFT roadmap, so we’re very excited to be working with CryptoCart to be able to deliver it ahead of schedule.

The GIFT team will continue to share regular updates on the progress of this partnership as it develops.

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