GIFT X Astronaut AMA Recap

Before GIFT coin launches to the public, the GIFT team did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the team over at

Here’s how it went down, live on Telegram:

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

Q1: My first question for you, what is Gift Protocol all about? Give us a little summary.


Are you tired of friends and family asking you: “What is crypto? How do I get involved?”

At GIFT, we aim to solve that problem, by creating a simple, friendly way to share crypto with the mainstream audience.

Our gifting protocol will allow users to send friends and family crypto as a gift, bypassing the main barriers of entry for new users:

- Signing up on an exchange like Binance is complicated

- Fear of losing money

- Public perception of crypto as complex and mysterious

- Use cases are difficult for the mainstream audience to understand


GIFT receivers will get an email with their GIFT redeem code, as well as simple instructions explaining how to make a crypto wallet and redeem their GIFT tokens.

Within a few short minutes, new users will go from knowing nothing about crypto, to owning a wallet with some GIFT tokens. It’s that simple!

With GIFT continuing to grow, we will build out the GIFT platform as well as building partnerships with retailers, and expand on GIFT’s capabilities to include sending personalized NFTs, GIFT rewards for businesses, and more.

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

These are some things I experience too with my family. It would be great to see a solution for this! Sounds awesome!

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?


I’m Dan:, one of the GIFT Co-founders, CEO/CTO and lead dev. I’m 23, energetic, hard working and highly ambitious.

I have a degree in Computer Science and wrote a smart contract dapp for my thesis.

Been working as a full-stack dev trading cryptos on the side.

Then GIFT was born and as we developed our plan I became increasingly determined to bring it to fruition.

As of last week I have quit my job and am now working on GIFT full-time.

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

Woo, so young and yet so skilled!


Hahaha Dan: is very skilled, he’s a bit of a wizard. Just to introduce myself briefly:

I’m whoseph, I’m the co-founder and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) on GIFT. After finishing my BA I worked in a variety of marketing roles over the last number of years, including marketing for a leading mobile consultancy firm.

I know Dan: IRL and we’ve developed this idea together, as well as selecting a team of individuals that we know and trust in the BSC space. I’m very excited about the future of GIFT because we have such a strong team behind us.

Other core team members:

Baxterrr : PRO, Pronos : Community Manager

Anon: Backend dev, Anon: Designer

Advisors: Innerspeaker, BlueDemise

We also have an extensive admin team of BSC veterans who cover all timezones globally. I’m particularly proud of the team we’ve got, they’re a talented bunch of people who really believe in our project

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

Sounds good guys! You guys knew each other before the idea came up?


Yep! We know each other from uni and are very close friends

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

Thats sounds like mad fun! On to the next question

Q3: What are some of your platform use cases?


GIFT was originally whosephs idea, I brought in the technical expertise and it just flourished!


We can explain all of these in more detail, but just a brief summary of our main usecases:

Gifting Tokens, NFT Gift Cards, NFT Gift Designer Marketplace, Retail Sector Integrations,

Employee GIFT rewards, QR code physical GiftCards, Introductory DeFi and a simple and easy to digest Welcome to Crypto section!

Dan actually has an exclusive surprise to share with you all here — a sneak preview of the GIft sending UI (still in development, Design will change)

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

Oh we love sneak previews here! That’s quite some use cases you got there👌 You guys are killing it


This is just a preview of the UI, codewise I can let you know that we are in the testing phase of the gifting protocol, as well as building out the overall platform, so things are proceeding great!

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

On to the next question —

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones and some of the roadmap?


The End-goal is for everyone to open a crypto wallet.

And these are some of the steps to get there:

  • Public presale + listing with subsequent Gifting protocol release.
  • Crypto marketing campaign.
  • People start sending GIFT. 🎁🎁
  • NFT GiftCard Protocol release on platform.
  • 100k Gifts sent -> 100k new crypto users! 🚀
  • Retail partnerships -> Users will be able to spend their GIFT in shops.
  • Mainstream marketing campaign, crypto awareness starts to spread…


  • Further platform development/uses and educational content.
  • 500k Token holders, GIFT is trending on socials.
  • 1 Million Token holders, GIFT brand is firmly established.
  • GIFT employee rewards with business partnerships = enables employers to give their employees crypto bonuses.

As GIFT spreads to more holders, partnerships in a variety of industries start developing.

5 Million Gifts sent = We will have doubled the number of active Metamask wallets worldwide.

We are highly ambitious and there’s nothing stopping us from achieving these goals!

For in-depth roadmap details, check out our website.

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:

Highly ambitious indeed, you guys are going to be busy in the months to come👌

Q5: Give us a small rundown on your marketing plan.


GIFT addresses one of the main problems in the crypto world today: it’s difficult and complicated to introduce new people to the world of cryptocurrency.

Because we’re going to make it easy for people to introduce crypto to their friends and family, we believe that GIFT is highly marketable. The more new users in crypto = the more we all benefit!

Because of the amazing work of the dev team, the GIFT sending protocol will be live any day now. So our initial marketing push will focus on encouraging users to send GIFT to friends and family.

Our detailed marketing plan is being kept private, but here are some examples of what’s in store:

- Video marketing: we have a series of simple thirty second/one minute videos that explain how to make a wallet and redeem your GIFT tokens

- GIFT Lotteries for both senders and holders (every 100 GIFT cards sent = new lottery winners)

- Community cultivation: our talented Admin team have a lot planned (competitions, etc)

- Influencer marketing: Influencers in the crypto/tech space will be making reaction/”unboxing” style videos to receiving GIFT (TikTok/Youtube/Twitter)

- Partnering with well-known crypto twitter members and crypto podcasts

- Mainstream marketing: we have a healthy budget and a solid plan for leveraging Instagram, Email marketing, paid socials, and taking GIFT to the masses!

We wanna keep this succinct, but for more details you can ask here or in our GIFT TG after this AMA.

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀:
Q7 (Extra): When would you like to launch Gift protocol?


Well all the functional code has been written, we are simply testing the code now and assessing whether some additional features such as scheduled delivery can be added to the protocol.

We are also getting some feedback on the UI to provide a better user experience.

Videos are also on the way so that will affect it. The protocol will be ready to go at most a few days after launch.

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,:


Part 2: Answering questions from the community


We see every day that people lose their keys, get scammed or hacked. How are you going to educate non crypto users to take care of their keys? Have you thought of using something like fortmatic to allow non crypto users to log in by email + 2FA and abstract them from having to handle their private keys?


We want it to be as simple as possible for new users to utilize crypto, within our introductory section we will stress the importance of never sharing priv keys or seed phrases in the same way you would never share your password.

Currently we were planning on encouraging users to use Metamask, however you have brought up an excellent point about different kinds of wallets and we will be looking into implementing it.

Niall 🧽:

Love the concept/ambition, Gift would have saved me alot of stress setting parents/friends/ gf up on exchanges… 😂 What made you guys choose BSC?


Thanks! GIFT was born for that exact reason, to bring more people into the ecosystem!

We chose BSC due to the current cost effectiveness, efficiency and increasing adoption by developers. It’s also highly accessible and has fast send speeds. We are also aware of the potential of Eth 2.0 and when that becomes viable cost-wise we plan to bring our platform there too!


You mentioned you will make it simple to mainstream crypto, but the typical questions very noob people ask is “what is Bitcoin? where is the value?” How exactly does gift mainstream crypto if they still think it is just an online token?


Great question! Fundamentally, because people will receive these as a gift (i.e. no investment on their part), we imagine that they’ll be happy to hold for a while and learn about crypto initially.

Later, we envision that the value of GIFT for users who don’t want to trade it or convert it to fiat will come from our GIFT shop, where we plan to integrate retailers and other ways to spend GIFT. The more GIFT holders = the more usecases that will develop as retailers etc start to pay attention.


Will it be easy for people receiving gifts to cash out? How will that process look. Will they need to convert to bsc? Will they be able to do it all through the dapp? Will they need to link their bank account or…..? Also what if the receiver is old and not tech savy and you need to get the gift back?


We don’t expect the majority of people to want to immediately cash out, but rather want to learn more about the crypto ecosystem.

However, there will be a dedicated section for this in the welcome to crypto section guiding users through DEXes, trading GIFT for BnB, sending BnB to exchange addresses and then converting this to FIAT.

These steps shall be broken down and demonstrated visually to make things as simple as possible. With regards to old receivers, I have thought this through and implemented a good workflow within our smart contract for support with GIFT issues.

Alexandros georgios| ASTRONAUT👨‍🚀,

When I get an email saying: you received a gift please open the link to set up a wallet, won’t I think that’s phishing? What are your thoughts on this?


Within the protocol users shall be able to sign their name and add a custom message (both optional). This will make it clear to users about who is sending the GIFT to you.

With regards to email coming up as spam, we have looked into this and based on how spam algorithms work we don’t think our gift emails shall trigger spam filters. Furthermore there are spam testing tools which we are using in our testing to ensure this.


Thanks to the Astronaut team for having us!

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