GIFT Public Presale, Tokenomics and AMA

3 min readMay 11, 2021

GIFT Public Presale Information

At last, our public presale details have been finalised!

GIFT Presale Details

When: Wednesday May 12th

4pm/16:00 UTC Round 1,
6pm/18:00 UTC Round 2.

Where: Unicrypt

HardCap: 500 BNB
Liquidity Locked: 75%
Max Contribution: 2.5 BNB
Private sale price: 71,000 GIFT x BNB
Public sale price: 62,000 GIFT x BNB
Listing price: 62,000 GIFT x BNB

The first round is open to UNCX/UNCL holders, this is a recently added prerequisite of the Unicrypt platform. Round 1 buyers are required to hold 3 UNCX tokens or 50 UNCL tokens (BSC versions) in order to access the first round of the presale, links to the tokens are provided below:



Make sure you buy the BSC tokens, not the ETH tokens.

If the first round doesn’t fill the hardcap, the second round starting at 18:00 UTC is open to everyone on a FCFS basis, and the link will be shared in our telegram.


GIFT has a 3% transaction tax, this is split between a 2% redistribution tax to all token holders and a 1% tax to the GIFT marketing wallet (this wallet is exempt from redistribution rewards).


On launch, 64.1% of the token supply shall be in circulation, 5% shall be burned and 30.9% of supply shall be locked in vesting contracts.

The 27% of vested team and marketing tokens are separated in 27 1% vesting contracts, these are being released over the next 15 months. The reason for such a big allocation is to incentivize partnerships as we progress. Tokens will also be utilized for milestone burns as GIFT token holders grow.

The 5% initial burn will collect part of the redistribution tax and cause a slow deflationary burn to occur on token supply.

In future the token allows for the implementation of a liquidity provider tax and a merchant rewards tax, these are both currently set to 0, however in future they shall be added along with the elimination of the marketing fee.

AMA with Smart Chain Apes

On Tuesday May 11th at 6pm/18.00 UTC, the Gift Team will join Multi Chain Apes for a flash AMA about the project.

To experience the AMA live and ask some questions yourself, make sure to join the MultiChainApes Telegram group:

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