$1000 GIFT Airdrop Rewards for Senders and Holders

At GIFT, we make it easy for people to introduce friends and family to crypto, by providing a free platform to send crypto gift cards.

Alongside the launch of the GIFT platform, we want to reward people who send GIFT to their friends and family — as well as rewarding the people who receive it!

That’s why we’re going to run a $1000 GIFT AIRDROP for senders and holders.

At every new milestone, $250 worth of GIFT tokens will be sent to two random senders — and the corresponding two recipients of the GIFT card that they sent!

What’s more, if the recipient hasn’t redeemed their tokens yet, the new GIFT tokens will be airdropped directly into their GIFT vault.

Each $1000 Airdrop will be completed based on hitting one of the following milestones, based on the total number of GIFTs sent through our new platform.

GIFT Sending Milestones (# of GIFTs sent on the platform)

  • 100 uses of the GIFT sending platform
  • 500 uses of the GIFT sending platform1000 GIFTs sent
  • 1500 uses of the GIFT sending platform
  • 2000 uses of the GIFT sending platform
  • 3000 uses of the GIFT sending platform
  • 5000 uses of the GIFT sending platform
  • 10000 uses of the GIFT sending platform

By the time the GIFT sending has been used 10,000 times — we will have airdropped $8,000 worth of GIFT tokens to GIFT senders and receivers!

Once 10,000 GIFTs have been sent in total, we will also provide a new rewards scheme for GIFT senders and receivers, as well as holding a special $2k GIFT giveaway competition.

Happy sending!

The GIFT That Keeps On Giving

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving




The gift that keeps on giving

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The gift that keeps on giving

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